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Top 9 Hidden Vacation Spots In US


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If you got tired of your usual vacation spots, check out these 9 hidden locations in United States, where you can truly enjoy yourself away from the rush of modern day life.

1. Jekyll Island, Georgia

If you want to experience how elite used to spend their vacations in early 20th century you should stop by at Jekyll Island in the state of Georgia. This used to be one of the most popular destinations for wealthy people in the past.


Simple walk through historic district can show you how American high society used to live. There is The Jekyll Island Club on the island where you can rent a room in a hotel or in one of the cottages. You can spend your time playing golf or attend one of festivals that take place all year round. Also there are many bike and hiking trails, water park and many other attractions for active vacation. And for those who like to sit back and relax there are beautiful beaches and three Picnic Areas to spend the day.

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