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Andaman Islands


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Andaman Islands are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean between the Bay of Bengal in the west and the Andaman Sea in the east. They are part of the Federal Indian territory of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Port Blair is the main town and administrative center of this federal territory. The archipelago of over 500 islands, most of which are uninhabited, is a unique natural and anthropological gem, perhaps the only one that miraculously still resists ubiquitous modernization.

Andaman and Nicobar islands are far from the mainland of India. They are much closer to Burma and Sumatra between which they extend in a gentle curve. This distance eventually became their greatest blessing. It has helped to preserve the priceless beauty of the landscape, as well as some ancient people and their ancient worlds.

Since only few of these islands are inhabited, majority of them are inaccessible mountainous islands, covered with jungle and swamp, full of crocodiles, malarial mosquitoes and natives. That is why it is preferred to approach them from the sea. On several of them native people that never had contact with modern world still live, and those places are off the limits for the tourists.

Around majority of them, beautiful beaches and pristine reefs are the things that lure tourists. These waters are abundant in unusual, colorful fish and corals which, together with crystal clear waters make this place a heaven for divers and snorkelers. Because it is so far away from the mainland, marine reserves are least spoiled.

White sand beaches, unchanged by human hands can be found everywhere. There is so many of them that they are never crowded, so this is the place where one can rest and enjoy sunbathing.

Some of the most beautiful ones are Elephant Beach, Corbyn’s Cove, and Long Island.

Those who want to be more active can also find numerous water sports and activities to spend time on. Besides scuba diving and snorkeling, you can enjoy underwater walking which is one of the biggest attractions here, or go parasailing, banana boat riding, jet skiing, dolphin watching etc.

Jolly Bouy Island and Elephant Beach are considered to be best destinations for snorkeling, while Radhanagar Beach, more popularly known as Beach No. 7 is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in whole Asia, so spending day there will definitely be something unforgettable.

For those who don’t like to spend their vacation in one place, island hopping is the best solutions. Rent a boat and visit Neil and Havelock Island, or hop on Ross Island and see Naval museum and ruins of historical buildings. If you want to know more about natives, visit some of many museums in Port Blair and learn more about Sentines or Jarawas. For those who are into biology Samudrika Marine Museum has a display of bio-diversity that can be found on the islands and around.


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