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Bonifacio, Corsica


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With its beautiful shores and mountain tops covered with snow, Corsica indeed lives up to its name – “the island of beauty”. The ancient Greeks called it Kaliste, which means “Clear” or “Nice”. Along the coast there is a multitude of beautiful port cities and on the hillside picturesque villages are scattered. It is a paradise for beach lovers and those who enjoy outdoor sports. On the island one can find more than 2,000 kilometers of natural roads and 1,000 kilometers of coastline.

The rugged terrain is a challenge for mountain climbers, while sandy beaches are perfect for fans of sun and swimming and ideal for snorkeling. So it is the right place for a fantastic holiday, regardless of your company. Corsica was annexed to France only in 1769, so this island has a specific culture.

You can see the donkeys and pigs that wander the rural areas, music is unique, and culinary specialties are something you must try – from wild pork dishes to delicious cookies with chestnuts. The most famous man that came from here, Napoleon, was born in the capital Ajaccio, but this time we want to present you another gem of this unusual island – Bonifacio.

On a picturesque location on a cliff, surrounded by ancient walls lays this perfectly preserved city-fortress that was built in the 9th century when it was founded by Bonifacio, Marquis of Tuscany. Boniface has kept the old-fashioned feeling – Castle is charming maze of medieval streets dotted with houses built in the old style.

Church of Santa Maria Maggiore is located in the heart of this historic city. It was built during the 12th and 13th century.

The church has a simple exterior and it is characterized by its entrance loggia, a covered porch with screens with classic lines.

The church interior delights visitors with its serene Romanesque architecture consisting of columns and arches. The church is also known as a place where marble tabernacle from the 15th century is kept.

Another famous tourist attraction is the church of St. Dominica, which dates from the same period. This Gothic church was rebuilt in the 15th century when an impressive tower was added and in it. There is a group of interesting carved wooden figures, which were made in the city during religious ceremonies.

Near the town there are many beautiful beaches. The most famous one is La Tonnara Beach where you can enjoy cannoning and rock climbing. Here you can take lessons in windsurfing and kite surfing as well. It is located only 11 kilometers from Sardinia, or 30 minute ferry ride from the port. Another attraction that is located near is the largest nature reserve the Strait of Bonifacio.


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