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Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Although the first association of Bosnia is not a perfect tourist destination, don’t give up too early on the idea to visit this beautiful country. The magical land of Bosnia and Herzegovina is filled with stuff that are worth to see and to experience. We will try to mention only few.

Tombstones – It is a country with a rich history, and for a history buff, it is a real gem. One of the most interesting things are the tombstones which were created all the way back in middle ages. There are also old buildings and ruins the same period.

Mostar – Ottoman architect Mimar Hajrudin built a stone bridge in 1566 at the forward command post during the Ottoman aggression in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bridge crosses the Neretva River and is known as the Old Bridge. Over time, the forward command post grew into the city which was most likely named after the bridge – Mostar (most – bridge). Today, this bridge is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Hutovo Blato is located in southern Herzegovina. This protected area is a significant bird reserve. It is known as an oasis with many species of wading birds and a number of other plant and animal species. It is a great place for true nature lovers.

Blagaj – Buna. The wellhead of the river Buna, one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe, is the finest example of groundwater river merging out.

Water flows out of the 200 meters long cliff and its volume alone creates the Buna River. Unsurprisingly, the Ottoman sultan was impressed by the beauty of this spring, and he ordered the construction of Tekke in its vicinity.

It was built in the 16th century for the Dervish order, and today is one of the most mystical places in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rakitnica River Canyon is one of the deepest in Europe, a true wonder of nature. Along it, many endemic types of flora and fauna find their homes. Bears, wolves, wild boars, martens, wild goats are all taking the refuge in this, difficult to access canyon. In this region of mountain chains 32 endemic plant species can be found.

Perućica Rainforest is one of only two remaining rainforest in Europe, and is located within the National Park Sutjeska. It is often described as an ancient open-air museum, with a magical forest consisting of a beautiful, 50-foot-tall spruce and beech trees 200-300 years old. Rainforest is a real gem in terms of diversity and abundance of wildlife and endemic plants.

Cave Vjetrenica is the largest cave system discovered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among the many archaeological finds are the remains of cave bears and leopards and paintings up to 10,000 years old. The cave is also home to many small lakes inhabited by endemic crabs that can be found only in underground water systems.

Sarajevo – While many parts of the city are interesting to visit, if you don’t have a lot of time go to the downtown and the old part of the city called Baščaršija. Ethnic restaurants and old shops are very interesting to tourists that come here throughout the entire year.

Jajce was the last city that fell under the Otoman Empire, but the one thing that separates this place from the rest is the huge waterfall in the middle of the city. Just like many other cities in the country, it also has rich history and you can even find traces of the Roman Empire. Pliva Lake also offers a first class fly-fishing, as well as many other water sports.

Una National Park is a unique place due to the fact that three different climates converge here resulting in great diversity of plant and animal species, and the presence of rare and endemic species.

Banja Luka is the city of green alleys, youth, sports and beautiful women. This is a city with a rich past and bright future. The other thing for which Banjaluka is recognizable is lots of greenery and the river Vrbas. To see Banja Luka from the top, you need to climb on the hill Sehitluci. This is one of the points from which one can see not only the city, but its surroundings.


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