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Cape Verde


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This stunning place consists of 10 islands, located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, about 570 km away from the westernmost part of the African coast. The islands are of volcanic origin, three of which are flat with sandy beaches and sparse vegetation, while the other seven are rockier and have richer vegetation. Name of the island meaning Green Cape was given by Portuguese sailors during their expedition.

The islands are lined up in the horseshoe shape, and the largest one is Santiago, on which the capital city Praia is located. There is an active volcano present called Pico do Fogo. Even though Cape Verde is located near Africa and the equator, because of the Atlantic Ocean, the climate is milder than in the dry African regions.

Islands provide excellent conditions for hiking. Fun in the open accompanied with the sound of music is something that should not be missed, along with delicious fresh fruit and juices. You also got to try gourmet seafood which is incredible.

For start, the most famous and most attractive attractions are, of course, the beaches. They are the main reason why people visit these islands. All those who are looking for rest and peace and want to enjoy the sun and beach, this place is right for them. The beaches are one of the best in the world, and the water is pleasant for swimming all year round. The best ones are found on the islands of Sal and Boa Vista, with shallow water and white sand.

If you love to surf or want to learn, this is great place to do so. This place is the best if you want to learn surfing, sailing or kite surfing, and experienced trainers will help you with that.

Another very popular attraction is diving. Water around islands is perfect for snorkeling because a large number of fish species.

Here you can complete international PADI course and become a certified diver, after which you’ll easily explore underwater wildlife.

Cape Verde holds third place in the world for cultivation of aquatic turtles so here you can see them in large numbers. These large turtles may be found on the island in the period from July to October, and turtle hatching is something you should not miss if you find yourself here at the right time.

Fishing is a very popular attraction so boats and guides can be rented at different prices depending on the size. The most beautiful island, according to many visitors is Santo Antao so if you plan to visit, reserve all day for his tour. The dark volcanic beaches, landscapes and people will leave you speechless. While there, be sure to visit the factories that produce the Cape Verdean rum-Grog.

On Fogo Island volcano Pico do Fogo is located. The volcano is still active, but on its sides there are fertile hills and valleys where locals grow coffee and grapes. Lovers of hiking and walking enjoy themselves here because there are many different paths to the top. When you reach the top you’ll be delighted with a view.

On the island of Santiago is the city of Cidade Velha, which is on UNESCO’s list of world heritage. In this city there are the remains of the oldest cathedral in the world which was built in the era of colonization of 1495, as well as the remains of Fort Real de Sao Filipe. Carnivals are common here, but the February Carnival Mindelo is the biggest and if you are on island in this period, be sure to attend the carnival.


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