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Carry On Size


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Airlines limit the amount of hand luggage and the content and the main reason for that is the safety of passengers and aircraft. To prevent any possible safety issues, very strict rules have been implemented when it comes to carry on size requirements.

The amount of hand baggage, is limited by the total weight plane can carry, and that includes a passenger’s weight, carry on baggage hand luggage.

This weight must be respected and this is determined by passenger and cargo lists before each flight.

The second reason carry on size restriction is very important is about passenger’s comfort inside the passenger area.

With more hand luggage in the passenger cabin a real confusion may arise especially when aircraft is filled completely. If you have too much luggage it would certainly limit comfort of other passengers.

The size of hand luggage, however, varies in different airlines. Here we will specify the minimum and maximum dimensions and weight of the baggage for your general orientation, while at the same time we recommend that you find specific information for a specific airline you are traveling (later in the article you can find chart for 5 largest airline companies).

The minimum weight allowed for hand luggage is 11 IBS while Maximum 30 IBS. When it comes to size, some companies have a maximum height, width and depth of baggage allowed while others have a maximum linear size allowed. Linear size is calculated by adding the height, width and depth of the bag, while they are not interested in the proportion of the bag. Linear dimensions vary from 45 to 50 inches in most airlines.

The length is usually about 21 -22 inches, width is approximately 14-15 inches, a depth allowed is about 9-10 inches. Here is a chart of the top 5 airlines companies where you can see the dimensions and weight as well as linear dimension of luggage allowed:

Dimensions                        (L    x     W     x      D) (inches)        Linear                    Weight (lbs)

American Airlines                 22         14             9                            –                           –

Delta Air Lines                      22         14             9                           45                          –

United Airlines                      22         14             9                            –                           –

Lufthansa                              21.6      15.5          9                            –                          17.6

Air France                             21.7      13.8          9.9                         –                           26

Carry on size is implemented for a reason, and it’s best if you stick to it. If you by any chance bring a bigger bag with you, you might be in for a surprise. Airlines charge hefty amounts for each additional bag, and if you don’t want to ruin your mood, stick to the rules.


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