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Caye Caulker, Belize


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Caye Caulker is a piece of heaven located about 20 miles north from Belize in Caribbean Sea. This unusual island is about 5 miles long and less than 1 mile wide. There are no cars or any other source of pollution on it. The only transportation are bicycles and golf carts and even for them there is a sign “go slow“. And indeed everything is slow here. There is no rush, no fuss, just relaxed attitude, great food and gentle breeze.

It is a paradise for snorkelers and divers since the island is located next to coral reef. Shark Ray Alley is the place where you can swim with real sharks, not the big and scary ones but those that are not dangerous. The nurse sharks come here because fishermen cleaned their catches for years at this place. When snorkelers realized this they made it a very popular diving destination. Since the waters are crystal clear, condition for diving and snorkeling are perfect. Be sure to try it at Hol-Chan marine reserve and you will see surreal scenery everywhere around you.

For more experienced divers Great Blue Hole is nearby. This legendary cave is 120 m deep and around 330 m in diameter. It was created in ice age when limestone cave system collapsed. You can go up to 45 meters deep and swim among stalactites, however, like we said it is only for experienced divers.

The most popular place for chilling on the island is famous Split. It is a place where island is split in half after a Hurricane Hattie hit the island.

The hurricane made only shallow passage which inhabitants made larger afterwards so the boats can go through.

Shallow clear waters that surround Split are full of marine life, so people like to hang out, swim and snorkel here. Kayaking is another popular way to spend time while on island.

Tours go on northern end which is uninhabited and covered with mangrove swamps. Many bird species can be seen here, especially in the morning when they are feeding. Caye Caulker used to be one of the most favorite destinations for hippies and budget travelers but in recent years it gained popularity among all kind of tourists. Many artists and musicians are coming to the island to find inspiration for their art.

BBQ seafood is traditional food on Belize. Since the island is located in the middle of migration routes for several fish species and natural feeding ground for lobsters, fresh seafood is always available at reasonable prices. The hurricanes are the only thing that threatens this incredible place on earth. Because its low altitude (its highest point is 2,4 m) every stronger storm surge can cover entire island as it happened during the hurricanes Hattie in 1961 and Keith in 2000. But that should not stop you from visiting, just watch weather prognosis and you will be ok.


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