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Corsica, France


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It is the place for lovers, and fans of culture as well as hiking and diving. It combines a large shore with the beauty of the mountains, a lot of activities for your body, and rich history for your mind. Protruding from the Mediterranean as an impenetrable fortress, it is like a miniature continent, with incredible geographical diversity. In just half an hour, scenery will morph from landscapes of coastal towns and fantastic beaches to the sharp peaks, beautiful valleys, dense forests and enigmatic villages.

Although Corsica is officially part of France for more than 200 years, it is quite different from the mainland regarding everything from customs to the language and character of ingenious people. The capital and largest city is Ajaccio, located in its southern part. It is very popular with tourists, among other things, because it is known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. House where he was born is now turned in a Museum. You can see the portraits of the family Bonaparte, weapons and furniture that this family owned, which dates back to the late 18th century.

The second largest city after Ajaccio is Bastia. Bastia is the main port of the island, and is particularly known for its wine. Here you can visit Ethnography Museum founded in 1952, located in the ancient palace of the Governor of Genoa. The 900 m2 holds the traditional collections and frequently organized exhibitions related to Corsica and its history.

While there be sure to visit Calvi, a town which is, according to people who live here, hometown of Christopher Columbus, and you can see the ruins of the house that they consider Columbus’s.

This place is a magnet for the rich, who during their sailing from Nice or Cannes, take a break here and enjoy the local wine, cheese, olive oil and wild boar sausages.

The main part of the city is the Citadel (fort). It was built in the 15th century for military purposes, and to defend against attacks from other countries. Its towers that rise above the sea completely dominate the city. Calvi hosts very popular jazz festival which is held every year in June.

On the southeast coast lies the city of Porto. During the summer season, this place is crawling with people, while in the winter, it looks like a ghost town. This is the perfect location for holidays and vacations, where you can visit Marine Reserve Naturelle de Scandola, which is protected as UNESCO world heritage site.

Cap Corse is the north east peninsula separated from the rest of Corsica. It is about 40 km long and 10 km wide, and it looks like a big finger pointing towards the mainland of France. Beautiful coastal fishing villages and small settlements are scattered in the hills, overlooking the towers, bays and walls. Be prepared for an adventure if you are coming here, because although the island is only 40 km long, it offers a lot of things that will blow your mind.


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