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Hawaii’s Islands


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Hawaii has eight main islands and each one of them has its story, culture, and attractions that make the world crazy about this incredible place.


Niihau Island is owned by the Robins family that bought it in 1847. Because of that, it is very private and secluded, which explains its nickname ‘The Forbidden Isle’. Tourists can visit it by going on the half-day helicopter or beach tours, however, hunting safaris are the main attraction there.


Kauai is the oldest main island in Hawaii. It is also known as the ‘Garden Isle’ because of its lush vegetation. Its biggest source of income comes from tourism. Tropical climate, beautiful beaches and boat rides in the sunset are just a few things that attract people to this destination.



Oahu is known as the ‘Gathering place’ because two-thirds of the whole population of Hawaii lives there. The beautiful city of Honolulu, which is also the state’s capital, is located on this island. Its great beauty, sandy beaches, majestic waterfalls and activities like whale watching and helicopter rides, attract a lot of visitors who pretty much fall in love with it as soon as they step on it.


Molokai has the nickname ‘The Friendly Isle’ because of its openness toward visitors and tourists. It has a lot to offer due to its proximity to other Hawaiian islands that tourists can see from its shore. Molokai is known for its pineapple plantations and annual MolokaʻKa Hula Piko festival.


Lanai is not very accessible to the public because of its dirt roads and because 97 percent of it is in private ownership. It is also known as the ‘Pineapple Isle’ because of its pineapple plantations. Together with sugarcane plantations, these are the main source of economy for the people that live here.


Kahoolawe is the smallest volcanic island of the eight main Hawaiian islands. Its climate is very dry with a lot of droughts, which makes it uninhabitable for local Hawaiian people. It lacks fresh water, as well.


Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii. It attracts the most tourists of all eight main islands. Lahaina is its biggest attraction because its streets are filled with shops and restaurants. When it comes to activities, snorkeling, windsurfing, whale watching and sunset cruises are a must.

Hawaii Island

This island, also known as the ‘Big Island’ is the biggest one in the U.S. It was formed thanks to five volcanic eruptions that happened at once. Agriculture and tourism are main sources of the economy for Hawaii Island. Activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular among visitors.


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