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Hidden Gems of Italy


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If you ever wanted to visit Italy two cities probably came to your mind, Rome and Venice. However, Italy is filled with less known places that will take your breath away with their beauty and culture, of course, if you manage to find them first. Here are three of Italy’s gems which are still fairly unknown, and if you decide to visit them, you’ll be able to experience the true magic of this amazing country.


This city is located in the southern part of Italy. It has a very interesting history in which it survived many intrusions and overcame different bad rulers. Today, it is the capital city of province Matera, which is the region of Basilicata. Visitors are amazed by its beauty, especially Sassi di Matera, which is one of its districts. Their history is very long and there are written records of people that lived there in 7000 BC.


Sassi has a very interesting architecture; its houses are built from rocks, lined together, while roads are on top of the houses. Another beautiful attraction is Matera Cathedral. It was built in the 13th century and dedicated to Santa Maria Della Bruna. Its history and architecture paint the tradition of the whole city. Sassi and other parts of Matera are under UNESCO protection since 1997.


It is located in the northern part of Italy, and it is the capital city of the South Tyrol province. This city has a long and great history as well, but the most interesting fact is that it is influenced by German, Austrian and Italian culture. Because of this unusual circumstance, three languages are spoken there. Due to Austrian influence, the architecture of churches and streets is in the Gothic and Romanesque style. The most important things to visit are Walther Square, museum Museion and the main street Via dei Portici.

Giardino di Ninfa

Garden of Ninfa is placed in the province Latina in central Italy. Every nature lover would be amazed by this place, because it has exotic plants from every part of the world, together with great monuments and waterfalls. The most beautiful places to visit here are the ruins of the medieval village, The Macello bridge, and Santa Maria Maggiore.

What else to say about this garden other than Charles Quest-Ritson called it ‘the most romantic garden in the world’, which is not hard to imagine, taking into consideration that its every inch is filled with roses. All three of these are stunning European places with rich culture and heritage, and whichever you decide to visit, you won’t make a wrong choice. However, it would be the best to organize a road trip in which you’ll visit all three and make your holiday unforgettable.


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