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Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland


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If you had a desire to see Aurora Borealis or the great northern light, but you don’t like coldness, and you can’t imagine yourself waiting for it in the freezing snow, there is a solution for your problem. Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland has The Igloo Village, where all 20 igloos are made out of thermal glass panels which allow you to watch stars and northern light from coziness of a bed at room temperature.

Hotel is located in Lapland near the Urho Kekkonen National Park. It is very isolated and therefore light pollution is minimal allowing breathtaking views of the stars even when northern light is not present. The best time to come is winter months because that is when you will most likely see Aurora Borealis, a phenomenon that happens when particles from earth’s atmosphere collide with particles released by the sun. The result is colored light that lasts from couple of seconds to couple of minutes.

Igloos are made from special thermal glass that includes technology that prevents frost, which means that at any time you will have crystal clear view in all directions.

Igloos are large enough to fit only two people, but being that small they don’t waste much energy for heating. Every unit has its own bathroom and sauna. Showers are however located in special unit.

Hotel, off course cannot guarantee to you that you will see Aurora Borealis, but they will watch sky and ring a bell to inform visitors if northern light appears.

However hotels’ uniqueness is not just this unusual village, it also has some other special features such as lodging in real igloos made of ice, world biggest ice restaurant where everything, including tables and chairs, is made from ice and the world biggest smoke sauna. During the day you can enjoy winter activities, visit Santa Clause’s house, hang out with Sami – indigenous people that lives in this area, play with huskies, get ride in sleigh pulled by reindeers or snowmobiles.

Useful tips for visiting this remote place

– bring very warm clothes and quality snow boots, temperatures here are very low so come prepared.

– the nearest supermarket is more than 5 miles away so be sure to pack everything you need, because taxi drivers are quite expensive. Don’t forget snacks for star watching nights.

– Hotel is not the most luxurious resort. It is high priced because of heated accommodation in extremely cold area and for uniqueness of the experience. Everything is great, neat and clean but cannot be considered five star accommodation.

– Bring chocolate and energy bars for day and night munchies.


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