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Lofoten, Norway


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When we think of the northern parallel known as the Arctic Circle, we usually imagine a hostile world covered with snow, darkness and extreme cold temperatures. Although this description is quite accurate, there is an exception known as the anomaly of the Arctic Circle: Lofoten Islands, known as Lofoten.

This stunning place, which is made up of several islands and has about 24,000 inhabitants, is not living monotonous and lonely life as you would imagine for a remote settlements in North Atlantic. For tourists, which start to come in June (although high season begins in July) Islands offer the widest variety of activities – from fishing, playing golf with the midnight sun, cycling tours, visits to museums and galleries, viewing the aurora borealis over the ocean to extreme sports, like whaling.

Climbing the mountain range of Lofoten, which stretch on 160 kilometers, according to the climbers, is one of the most beautiful and most exciting experiences in the world. Although its highest top, Higraftindan, reaches only to 1161 meters, climbing wall directly from the sea makes it a spectacular and exceptional.

Light phenomena are thing that especially fascinates every tourist. From 27 May to 17 July in this area you can see the midnight sun (visible just north of the Arctic and south of the Antarctic), and from October to March, the Aurora Borealis, one of the most beautiful phenomena to be seen. During the Vikings, it was thought that the Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights, armor innocent warriors with shining sparkling light.

Although it’s located on the same latitude as Alaska and Greenland, the climate, due to the influence of warm Gulf Stream, is unexpectedly comfortable.

The average temperature in winter is about minus one and in July and August – 12, but on some days it climbs up to 20 degrees. Nusfjord could be considered the most beautiful settlement.

It is the most famous and best preserved fishing village in the whole of Norway, which was, in 1975, selected for one of three European pilot project for the preservation of original construction customs in Norway. Once home to 1,500 fishermen, Nusfjord is now a fancy, attractive tourist point. Unpleasant smell is the first thing you will “experience” upon entering the port of Moskenes.

It comes from wooden frames, on which cod fish is dried for three months in the sun and fresh air. Cod is the base of existence for many inhabitants and they pay tribute to it in various ways. In the city of O (A with a circle), there is Stokfish museum where you can see and hear the complete story about unsalted dried fish, from capture to export, and on the first Saturday in March, locals celebrate the Day of cod.

Between mid-February and the end of April, place is full of sea life. Then millions shoals of cod come from the Barents Sea for spawning. Professional fishermen from the entire Norwegian coast then gather taking part in various celebrations.


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