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Lucerne, Switzerland


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Switzerland is not just a country of ski slopes, chocolate and watches. It hides the miraculous and harmonious blend of different cultures, natural beauty, fascinating cities and, believe it or not, exciting nightlife. This city is considered by many the most beautiful one in country, located on the shores of Vierwaldstätter Lake and Royce River, below the high alpine peaks that are always covered with snow.

It is known for imaginatively painted facades of its buildings, elegant hotels, and one of the best known and most popular music festivals in the world. This historic town is full of beautiful and important cultural and historical monuments and sites. The symbol of the city is the Chapel Bridge, which is build in the first half of the 14th century, and was named after the chapel of St. Peter, which is located nearby.

In the 17th century the bridge was given innovation in the form of paintings, which depict scenes from local and Swiss history. Originally it was built as part of the city fortifications. In addition to the bridge, one of the most popular and most frequently-running pictures of city is an octagonal tower, 34 meters high, built in 1300. Throughout history it had different purposes – from the archives, the prison to room for torture.

It is home to one of the most famous sculpture in the world, “Dying Lion of Lucerne”.

The monument is dedicated to the heroic death of the Swiss soldiers in 1792. The first large baroque church is Jesuit Church, which was built in 17th century, designed by the father of Joseph Christoph Vogler.

The most important Renaissance church in Switzerland is the church Hof, which was originally created as a Benedictine monastery in 8th century. It has very important historic facade, Mary’s altar with relief from the year 1500 and the Altar of the soul.

Town house is located in a building of special beauty build in 1602 in Renaissance style which is typical for the canton of Bern. Another Renaissance building that is worth seeing is Ritterscher palace that was built in 1557 for the mayor Lux Ritter. It now houses the seat of city government.

Unique architectural building is the railway station that was rebuild after the fire by famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. When it comes to modern buildings be sure to visit Culture and Convention Center Lucerne. It has a large concert hall, which has 1,800 seats and is one of the best halls in the world. Parts of this huge construction are Lucerne Hall, Convention Center and Museum of Art.

It is a true museum town. One of the most interesting is Swiss Museum of Transport. It occupies an area of 40,000 m2 and contains more than 3,000 exhibits. It also has an excellent digital planetarium, which takes you on a journey through the universe. Those who feel as artists and as philosophers also have to visit the Hans Erni Museum. This artist has all the important sages of history, beginning with Thales to Einstein, painted in large frescos that bear the specific stamp of his unique style.

More museums await such as Ice Garden, Bourbaki Panorama, Alpineum, Bellpark Museum, Military Museum and many small galleries around town. The biggest event the Museum Night, which takes place every year in late August and then all museums and galleries in the city open their doors to visitors for free. It is a cultural center of the region. In late winter each year the Carnival (Fesnacht) is taking place on the streets and squares of the old city.

Summer is marked with the festival of classical music, when Festival Orchestra is performing. Fans of jazz, blues and funk have their five minutes in July, during the Blue Balls Festival. Very popular Comedy Festival Fumetto in April brings lot of international audience. An interesting and tasty attraction is the Festival of Cheese, which is held every year.


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