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Planning a Trip To Japan


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If you always wanted to visit this exotic destination and you are finally making it happen, here are some guidelines that you should know before you start planning a trip to Japan.

When to visit

If you want to experience cherry blossom, one of the Japan’s trademarks, plan your visit in the spring. Temperatures in the country are also in the most optimal range. However, be aware that in different regions of the island weather conditions can vary a lot. Summer is rainy season and conditions are tropical, so if that is not your thing, don’t go at that time. But when the autumn arrives, colors of maple trees stun with their colors making it ideal for fans of this season.

Where to go

Three places that you should pin on the map when planning a trip to Japan are Tokyo, Kyoto and Fuji.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and at the same time the world’s largest metropolis composed of 26 cities, six towns and eight villages, with a population of more than 40 million people.

The heart of the city is the Imperial Palace, and nearby there is a museum where you can see plan for kamikaze attack, as well as other eccentric exhibits.

Ginza is a part of Tokyo that is packed with branded shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Over the weekend, Ginza becomes pedestrian zone, and many restaurants take out their tables so tourist can enjoy open space.

Second most popular attraction in Japan is certainly the city of Kyoto, which was once the capital and now is center of ancient culture. Here you can visit more than 20,000 temples, with special accent on Kinkakuji and the Golden Pavilion, as well as famous Nishi Honganji from the 13th century.

Another in the series of Japanese ‘wonders’ is Mt. Fuji which has become a trademark of this Asian country. It became such a memorable symbol due to its peak that is always covered in snow. The official season for climbing is from July to the end of August, while access during the winter is too risky and is not recommended for tourists.

Cultural Differences

Japan is quite unordinary country and when you’re planning a trip to Japan you have to know that they have some rules of behavior you should follow.

Here are some things you should pay attention to: never stick chopsticks into the food, never leave a tip (they find it insulting), do not eat or drink while walking down the street, do not point your finger at anything, touch your nose when talking about yourself, talk loudly or whip your nose in public, do not sneeze in public and be sure to wear a mask if you are sick.

Never wear socks that have holes in them and you should have a spare socks with you all the time. Do not get in the house with your shoes on, do not go to the toilet in the same slippers in which you entered the restaurant, there are special ones, only for toilets. Also no hand-holding, kissing and groping in public and do not open the other door for others.

Bring cash

You might be very surprised but many places do not accept credit cards. Japanese prefer cash so be sure to bring it with you. It is advisable to change currency before you come to Japan.


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