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Positano, Italy


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Near the Bay of Naples, on the southern coast of Sorrentina peninsula (Penisola Sorrentina) is Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana), one of the most popular tourist area of Italy. Along the 40 kilometers of very steep banks, cliffs are dotted with picturesque towns, made of pastel houses in Mediterranean style, placed one above the other, all the way up to hundred meters above the sea level.

Because of its natural beauty and architectural gems, some of which date back to the Middle Ages (Duchy of Amalfi X – XI century / Republic of Pisa XII century), Amalfi Coast in 1997 was declared as a UNESCO’s world cultural heritage. In the westernmost part of the Amalfi coast you can find Positano, once a small fishing village.

Thanks to the tremendous tourism plan enacted in the 20th century, the city has experienced a boom and became a place for those who want to try something different. Even today you can find the old medieval buildings that look like they were carved in the rock, one above the other. Above the city very steep mountain Låtar rises up, which prevented larger settlement. But on the other hand, the city has a fantastic view of the sea.

At the bottom of a steep downhill section, there is a beautiful beach. The beaches are another feature of this part of the coast. They are a combination of gravel and sand, and for the most part are rocky coves with small pebbles in the shallows. The sea is clean so all those who love diving can explore the underwater life.

In the central part there is one of the 20 most beautiful streets of Mediterranean with stone sidewalks with lots of souvenir shops.

It is today known as the resting place of the famous and powerful.

The most distinctive characteristics of the place are colorful houses entangled with thousands of stairs and arcade passages, which are filled with shops, bars and restaurants. The place is also famous for its ceramics, lemon and lime.

In Positano you will see the lemon and lime trees almost everywhere, as well as a variety of souvenirs made out of it such as lemon candles, drinks that originated in that area called limoncello, liquor made of, you probably guessed, – a lemon, including the bedding with prints of the lemon and ceramics and lemon plates with the same image. When you go to the restaurants of the area and ask to enjoy some local specialties, locals will usually offer you mozzarella with lemon.

While you’re there do not forget to go to explore the surrounding area walking on path of the gods from Positano to Praiana. The small island of Capri, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone are also some sites that you should not be missed while there.


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