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Sark, Channel Islands


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South of England, only 80 miles south, a small unusual island is part of Channel Islands near Guernsey and Jersey. It is called Sark and it is third largest island in the group. For all those who are looking for quiet yet unusual vacation, this Island is interesting destination worth visiting. It is completely car free which just adds to the charm of this beautiful place.

Since it takes the area of only 2 sq miles, bikes are the best choice to roam around. Horse pulled carriages are also interesting way to see all the sights on the island. There are many licensed carriage drivers that can acquaint you with the place. And if you are not in the rush, enjoying the sites by foot is great and healthy way to explore the surroundings.

This stunning place has status of “dark skies”, due to its low level of light pollution, meaning it is one of the best places in the world for night sky watching. Sark is the first island in the world that has this status. The proximity of France and Guernsey allows you to plan few interesting excursions on these locations while being based on the island where you can find accommodation that soothes you.

While on the island be sure to visit the Seigneurie – gardens of a house that dates back to 17 century.

Royal Horticultural Society recommends the visit for those who would like to see different unusual plants within old rock walls.

For those who are more adventuresome types, cliff jumping is available on couple locations on island, or go on cave exploration. For more beach activities you can hop on a ferry and for less than an hour be on the Guernsey’s beaches.

There are only 600 inhabitants on the island but nevertheless, there are always some, and you will not be bored for sure. Here you can enjoy locally grown food and local dairy product. There is abundance of fresh sea food. Since it is close to England and France, English traditional food and French delicates are main styles but there are restaurants that offer mixture of those two.

Sark Island is great choice for those who like to get away from noisy polluted cities into the quiet healthy environment and enjoy and rest during their vacation. The absence of noise and light pollution will help those who are overwhelmed with modern day rush and allow them to restore natural balance. The thing you should know if you decide to visit this destination is that it does not belong to England but instead it is under the Bailiwick of Guernsey.


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