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Skopelos, Greece


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Skopelos belongs to group of Sporades islands being medium in size, along with smaller one named Skiathos and larger one called Alonnisos. This beautiful island has a large number of unrealistic beaches that are mostly gravel, while the whole island is covered with pine trees. The capital is Hora, known for its narrow streets that lead high to the hills above the city offering a magnificent view of the bay and the island of Alonissos in the distance.

Area of Aegean Sea around these islands has been declared a nature reserve, protected by law, because of the large number of marine species that live only here. Also a large number of dolphins can be seen following tourist boats in this unique Marina Park. This island was once a colony of the Cretaceous, so it has interesting ancient ruins. In addition, it has about 360 churches, monasteries and abbeys. Famous musical Mamma Mia was filmed on the island in 2007, with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan in the lead roles.

It can be reached by ferry from Volos, which first stops in Loutraki, a mini port in the north of the island, and then continues to the capital. There are boats that are twice as fast, but respectively more expensive. Above Loutraki, on a steep cliff, incredibly picturesque town Glos is located, offering a view of the sea.

Streets are narrow and winding, and locals are traveling only on their Vespas.

From Loutraki, ferry continues over the northern coast of the island to the town of Skopelos, which is very attractive, with whitewashed houses and blue roofs.

The town expands towards the hill above the harbor, where you can roam through winding narrow cobbled streets. All over the island there are beaches, gravel, rock, or sand, and it is best to visit them all, and then choose one depending on wind.

If you want to get away from the north wind, go to a beach on the southern part of the island, and vice versa. However if you practice windsurfing, go to the other side of the island where the wind blows, and you can get excellent sailing conditions. Because of the climate and winds, in the northern part of the island beaches are mostly rocks and gravel, while on the south there are more trees and sandy beaches.

In southern and western part of the island there are many beaches like Stafilos, which is beach nearest to town (4.5 km). The beach is mixed sand and gravel, and fully equipped with umbrellas, deck chairs, and bar.

There are also two taverns, as well as parking for cars. For less crowded beaches chose Velanio or Amarandos which is little harder to find but totally worth it. On the northern and eastern of the island you can visit Agios Konstantionos (great for children), Glisteri or Sares(can be reached only with boats). Last two beaches are great for snorkeling and here you have best chances to see dolphins or seals.


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