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Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia


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If you would like to see and feel indigenous Australian culture then Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is the place that is definitely worth visiting. This national park found its place on UNESCO’s world heritage list. Located in the heart of the park, and ancient landscape of Uluru is one of most famous Australia’s symbols.

The Anangu who are native inhabitants of this area believe that Uluru was created when time began by their ancestors and that their mission is to protect this holy land. The park was established as the Ayers Rock–Mount Olga National Park in 1958 but it was renamed during the nineties. It covers the area of 512 square miles.

The Uluru and Kata Tjua rock formations are Park’s most prominent features, and they’re considered very important spiritual places by native people. Besides these two locations, the whole region is filled with sacred rock caves and ancient paintings near the oasis in deserts.

The best way to start exploring this national park is to visit Cultural Center where you can learn about native people laws or if you are more of artistic type, take dot painting workshop thought by Aboriginal artists, who will also present you their ancient traditions and share interesting stories.

When it comes to best ways to experience this place, some will say that it is from hot air balloon, while every bike lover would convince you that riding on Harley across the desert is the right choice.

If you don’t like heights or bikes, you can take a tour riding on back of a camel. However, by taking one of the hiking trails on foot you really connect with the soundings. Once you reach Uluru, the guide will tell you that even though it is possible to climb on the rock formation it is not recommended due to its spiritual significance which is the reason they never do it and they will ask you not do it as a sign of a respect for their culture.

For nature lovers, visit to the park is the great way to see numerous animals, birds and plants that are characteristic for Australia. Here you can see kangaroo from up-close as well as an emu, dingo or wallaby. The Aborigines will also teach you about their traditional medicine and what animals represent in their stories about creation of this magical place.

The temperatures range from 45 Celsius during the summer to -5 during the winter and native people distinguish six seasons during the year. These extreme conditions created quite unusual flora and fauna that can be seen only here. Some plants are even fire-resistant, while others need fire to reproduce. The best visiting time is from May to Septembers when the temperatures are lower and it is more pleasant for hikes or other out on the open experiences.


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